5 Real Dangers Of Not Having A Lawyer On Your Side For a DUI

Whether it’s your first offense or not, the bottom line is that a DUI is as serious as any other offense. The mistake that most people make on being taken to court over a DUI is actually downplaying the whole thing. DUI arrests are so common that people often think they will easily get away with just a few days behind bars or a a cheap’ fine. The truth, however, is that if by any chance you have a DUI anywhere on your record, you could be dealing with a real life crisis. That is why it is very important that you have a lawyer on your side during a DUI incidence. Even if it costs you money, you will most probably come out clean without a conviction.

Here are 5 biggest dangers of not having a lawyer on your side for a DUI

Going to jail

Perhaps you didn’t know, but you could be jailed for up to a year after being sentenced for a DUI. That’s quite a long time for a student or someone who is working. During or after a jail term, you will most likely lose your friends and also go through psychological and emotional trauma that goes hand in hand with incarceration.

Losing your right to drive

If you are thinking of representing yourself in court over a DUI, remember your precious driver’s license. In some cases, when you don’t have a lawyer to help out, your license could be revoked for a whole 2 years. During this time, you will always have to take the bus or walk to the store. In addition to that, you might be forced to pay expensively for the reinstatement of the license.

Losing your job

Most employers treat convicted individuals as a liability. Even if you were the most indispensable asset in the office, chances are that you will be fired as soon as your boss learns that you now have a DUI on your record. On the other hand, if you were just about to land a good job, the employer will definitely refuse to hire you just because you have been convicted of a minor’ offence.

Losing your dignity and hard-earned respect

When you have built a considerable amount of trust around yourself, a simple DUI conviction could bring it all crumbling down. People will no longer look at you as the professional they thought you were. Your reputation at work will be ruined for a long time or even till you find another job, which might prove to be very difficult. If you have kids, all their friends in the neighborhood might begin teasing them once you appear on the local news.

Losing the opportunity to join university

If you aren’t aware, not many schools will accept to admit you if you have ever been convicted of a DUI. It doesn’t even matter whether it was your first conviction. Some universities will even expel students who have been arrested for DUI at least twice during a course. You could lose reaching for your career opportunities just because of not hiring a good lawyer to stand in for you during a DUI hearing.