The importance of having legal malpractice insurance

Think you are too diligent to face a malpractice claim? This ideal state never exists. As the famous saying goes, ‘ to err is human.’ Attorneys are human, and errors do happen. Let’s assume that you have perfected your job to the point that a mistake is an alien thing. You still can’t be claim-proof, my friend. There have been uncountable claims against the several lawyers without any mistake of theirs. Guilty or no guilty, they face the claims and burn their money along with their repo. That’s why you must realize the importance of having a Legal Malpractice Insurance.

Legal malpractice claims are inevitable

The American Bar Association analyses that about 5-6 percent attorneys are likely to be sued every year. That means every single lawyer is vulnerable to such suits. Your experience doesn’t matter. Not even your age, diligence, or profession. Malpractice claims can happen to anybody. Law and medical witness these on a regular basis. So if you are a professional lawyer or run a law firm, there’s no chance you would like to neglect an insurance against malpractice claims. You won’t love to spend your hard earned money on a lawsuit filed by the clients you fought for.

Legal Malpractice Insurance cushions the financial risk

Do you know an attorney friend of yours who faced such a claim? If so, you know exactly how much a defense can cost you. It can take away what you earned in several months or even a year. For the big law firms, the claim can even touch several thousand. Now, how can an insurance save you? It does so by paying the expenses of the suit. Remember, the cost of defending a malpractice claim beats the cost of insurance by a massive margin. So by paying less, you save a fortune.

Disclosure requirements are different now

Legal malpractice insurance is not a professional obligation for practicing attorneys. It’s still pretty much optional. But here’ss a fact that may scare the lawyer in you. The Help Abolish Legal Tyranny and other such groups are demanding for the changes in disclosure rules. They have been successful in 26 states as well. So the attorneys at these places have to disclose their clients whether they have a malpractice coverage or not. The future is only going to bring in the law in more states, and the best a lawyer can do is buying insurance.

It covers you prior acts

Why do we say that an attorney must always remain insured? Here’s why. A legal malpractice insurance covers you prior acts. You already know that a malpractice claim can arise even from your prior acts. So if you had an insurance at the time of that act, your current policy would cover that as well. However, the current policy won’t cover the claim if you had no insurance at the time of the act. Hence, having an insurance all the time is critical.


Evey business is risky today, and the law has more. Also, a lot of attorneys overlook the malpractice insurance as it’s not mandatory. We recommend you include these in your must have list. It’s not a professional obligation, but it’s definitely something good to have on your side.